Moving to a New Area – What you Should Do Before Going Ahead

The global pandemic has brought a lot of doom and gloom to the world, but for some people, one of the upsides has been that employers have decided to have staff working from home permanently. For many people this has meant no more commute to the office, and a better work life balance and of course, as you don’t have to be anywhere near the office when working remotely, you are able to live anywhere that you like.

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If this is the position that you are now in and you are looking to move away to somewhere that you have always wanted to move to, here are a few things to consider before you take the plunge…

Get to know the area- if you have not ever visited it, or have only visited it on holiday, you might find that living there is not what you expected, so take some time to go and visit on weekends and get to know the place better.

If you have children, look at the local schools that are available in the area, and see what would be in your catchment. Speak to people with kids in the schools if possible and look at Ofsted reports.

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It is a good idea to rent somewhere before committing to buying a place – find a local company like this Letting Agents Cheltenham for example, and you can talk to them about what you are looking for.

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