The Many Reasons to Visit Devonshire

There are many reasons why Devon is one of the most tourist  friendly regions in the UK. Many holidaymakers travel to Devon, especially during the summer months to enjoy the beautiful county. Here are some of the reasons why Devon is a place that has visitors coming back again and again…

Great Landscapes – As well as the two national parks, Dartmoor and Exmoor within the county, there are also beautiful coastal areas in Devon, so for those who love the great outdoors you are really spoilt for choice.

Whether you want a walking holiday, exploring the coastal paths, or the Tors of Dartmoor, or you want to relax in the woods or by the sea, fir stunning scenery you can’t go wrong in Devon.

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Amazing Food – With lots of sea surrounding the county of Devon, lovers of seafood will be in their element! There are lots of restaurants that serve freshly caught seafood, and being a rural county, there are also lots of farms providing local food from meat to dairy. Then of course there is the Devonshire cream tea, a must for anyone visiting Devon. However, you can also enjoy it in your own home by ordering afternoon tea boxes from somewhere like this

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Lots of History – There is a lot of history to be found in Devon, from the historic buildings of Exeter, including the beautiful cathedral, to the bronze age settlements that can be found across Dartmoor. You can even head down to Plymouth to stand on the actual Mayflower steps that carried the first people from Britain to North America.

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