How to Make Online Presentations

How to make online presentations

In today’s work environment, presenting your projects to the rest of your team, clients or potential investors is essential. For this, having the best tools to access them from any place and device, without losing any information or changing the design, is very important. That is why there are applications to make online presentations that replace the traditional PowerPoint and prevent you from losing any data. Do you want to know how to make online presentations? We explain it to you!

How to make online presentations?

How to make online presentations

1. Choose your application to make online presentations

First of all, you must choose between the many options you have for making online presentations. Among the best known are Google Presentations (Slides), Canva and Prezi.

However, considering that you want presentations for work, one of the best options is Google Presentations. Think that it is possible that your presentation contains important information for your company, so having absolute control over who has access and a good level of security will be important. Remember that Google Presentations online is in Google’s free applications, but it can also be found along with advanced options in Google’s G Suite licenses for companies.

2. Prepare the content for your online presentations

It may sound silly, but preparing content for a presentation is basic. We recommend that you start with something as basic as writing the main points of your presentation on paper and summarize in a sentence the main message with which you would summarize each slide.

3. Choose a theme for your online presentation

To start with the presentation, open the application and choose one of the themes. You can create it yourself, choose from the many that Google already offers or download themes made by others on web pages like SlidesCarnival.

In addition, you also have the option to explore among all Google fonts, so that you open where you open the presentation, you will be sure that the style of your fonts is maintained.

4. Prepare your online presentation

The best part begins! You can start your presentation now. We leave you with 5 super interesting tips to improve your presentations to the maximum and give it a more professional appearance:

  1. Dictate your notes to be clear about what you want to say and when you want to say it. Go to Tools> Dictate speaker notes.
  2. Add some of the best add-ons for Google Slides. We recommend Insert icons for Slides, with which you can directly add icons to your presentation, or Unsplash Photos, to insert professional photos.
  3. Add links by searching the websites directly. Right-click the site where you want to paste the link and go to the link. In the text box, you can directly type the keywords to find the content you are interested in sharing.
  4. Paste spreadsheets directly from your files, and update them in one click. You can do it through Insert> Graph> Spreadsheets, or directly copying and pasting the spreadsheet. If you want to update them, you can do it through the button that will appear in the upper right corner.
  5. Insert your photos from Drive. In addition, you can also insert your photos saved in the cloud directly, through Insert> Image> Drive. This will also allow you to always have your resources at your fingertips, wherever you are.

5. Share your presentation online as you want

Once you have finished your presentation, you can share it with whoever you want and how you want. On the one hand, you can give access only to users who have the domain of your company. This will ensure that no one outside can see it.

In addition, if you have to present and you do not have your laptop on top, you can access it from your mobile and send it to the screen, in case they have Chromecast. You can do it through the Google Home app.

Finally, in case you have your Hangouts Meet video conferencing devices, or simply use the Hangouts application, you can also share your screen with the online presentation.

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