Making men more fashionable.

Men and fashion have always been difficult to deal with.  At one time men had no time for fashion and it was really just left  as something that only lady’s were interested in.  From the 1920s this began to change somewhat.  After the first world war there were a few more social freedoms that were introduced into Society.  Whilst for the most part men were still limited to a Sunday best suit and work clothes, those more affluent were able to begin experimenting with newer Styles.  The world was opened up via Airlines and radiocommunications with other ideas from around the world able to be circulated.

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Whilst the depressions and second world war slowed this pace considerably  after the Second World War men’s fashions became much more prominent.  One of the driving forces behind this was a desire to leave behind the past and embrace modernity.  The other factor was driven by the youth.  Teenage boys began to want to dress differently to their Dads and Grandad’s and youth culture such as the Teddy boys and rock and roll music started to penetrate Society.

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As the nineteen sixties arrived it was clear that men would no longer tolerate the standard clothing that they had been brought up with.  It was now time to look at Eastern and oriental designs and also use colour more in their outfits.  The standard single-breasted suit was still in vogue but now men could literally let their hair down a bit more and try something new. This is still true today when we look at the range of XV Kings Menswear from EJ Menswear.

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