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Limousines have long been associated with celebrity travel and arriving at red carpet affairs. This is the way to make a really classy and elegant entrance. The luxury of a limousine makes a statement before you have even stepped out of one and is a real head turner. If you have a special event to attend then why not consider arriving like a true Hollywood star?

Limos were first introduced in 1902 and weren’t the luxury design that we see today. They were designed so the driver could drive outside under a covered compartment. It was named after the region Limousin where shepherds wore a cloak with a raised hood that looked like the covered compartment of the first limos. They were also designed so the driver couldn’t hear the talk of the passengers. These days when we think of limos, what we are actually imagining is a ‘stretched’ limo. If you owned one you would sure need a long drive way or a big garage to store it in.  You would also want to make sure you had your Garage Door Repair done so no one could break in. The best place for that is to choose from sites including  Here we’ll take a look at some of the biggest in the world:

Mini Cooper S Limo

You certainly wouldn’t expect a mini to be stretched into a limo but with a size the same as a regular bus, the Mini Cooper limo measures 27 feet and has six wheels. Inside is the usual luxury you’d expect from a limo including TV screens, DVD players, neon lights, top of the range sound system and disco balls.

Boeing 727 Jet Limo

Airplane parts can be made into many things and this is a great example of ‘upcycling’. This jet limo is made from the parts of a Boeing 727 jet and part of a Mercedes-Benz bus. It has a big screen TV, fireplace, and a full bar inside. You can rent it for a month at a time for a cool $100,000, or if you are that interested in it, you can purchase it for a million US dollars. It can seat up to fifty people!

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Dodge Camper Limo



Never be uncomfortable when you go camping again with this incredible camping limo. It has been mounted with a caravan to provide its passengers the right space to sleep comfortably. Cleverly designed to withstand any weather condition, you can take it with you anywhere and anytime you want to have an adventure.

Midnight Rider

This beauty holds the Guinness Book of World Record for the heaviest limo ever made. It weighs a staggering 22,933 kgs and is 70-foot long and 13-foot wide. Midnight Rider is an interesting name and the horn plays the theme tune from the film Midnight Rider, so that’s how it got its name.

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Colossus Limo

The Colossus was built by a company that rents out the biggest limos and the Colossus Limo is touted as the biggest and most luxurious limo in the world. Inside it you’ll find television sets, a complete DJ mixing station, karaoke, and a lighting system that’s best for clubbing. A night of pure luxurious can be experienced inside this 30-seat limo.

American Dream

This incredible vehicle holds the title of being the longest car in the world. Stretching for an impressive 30.5 meters, it runs on twenty-six wheels and includes a king-sized waterbed, a swimming pool with a diving board, Jacuzzi tub, sun deck, and even a helipad! You might wonder how something so long can even get around corners but its clever design enables it to bend in the middle.




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