Oak Trusses Are Ideal for Retail Installations.

Bespoke engineered oak truss systems, like those from Timberpride are the most preferred construction method for use in commercial buildings and private residences, due to their strength and reliability. Professionally crafted, high quality, custom oak trusses supplied in pre-built kit form and assembled for easy installation on-site. The truss is supplied as two beams whose length and breadth must be accurately measured, along with the required structural details such as corner joists, truss span, beam angle, beam span, beam track, cross connection at bottom of truss and end connection. The truss required to support the weight of the ceiling, walls and doors can be custom sized to provide maximum strength. Further, if required, the truss can be made with a single plane or a dual plane.

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The oak truss system is highly efficient because it is a planned construction where all components are manufactured to precise detail and the method minimises the opportunity for errors. It is an alternative to the traditional methods where solid beams are ordered individually, cut into required shapes, laid and braced. Although solid bracing has been used in the past, the method of constructing these beams using tubes and planed sections has proved to be far more efficient. When solid beams are braced individually, the chances of internal stresses occurring in the joints are much higher due to the nature of planed wooden beams.

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Another major benefit that is gained with the use of an oak truss system is the design flexibility, where designers can create beams that are specific to the client’s requirements and require little to no alteration when installation is carried out. This is facilitated by the ability to specify the length, breadth and angle of the truss. It is also possible to produce curved truss designs to meet the unique requirements of the client. If required, the truss can be straightened using a jigsaw. Such advantages make the use of this material highly desirable in the modern building environment.


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