Making your Business More Environmentally Friendly

Getting people recycling in the workplace is really important in the race to tackle climate change. If you are struggling to know where to begin on the road to making your business greener, here are a few things to consider…

Where you place recycling, bins is something that you need to consider, as people are more likely to recycle if the bins are in an obvious place that is convenient – for example it is no good putting a recycling bin for plastic cups at the other end of the office away from the water dispenser! So have a think about the layout of the office and work out the best places to put the recycling points. You may also want to put signs up so that people are aware what each bin is used for.

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Think about what your business tends to need to recycle the most of. Different businesses will have a lot of something that others may not, so it is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to recycling in the workplace. It is a good idea to contact a commercial recycling company like Printwaste who will be able to guide and advise you on your recycling needs.

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When buying new things for your company think about what you need and also the green credentials of what you are buying and where you are buying from. To ensure that your company is being environmentally friendly, it is also important to look at your suppliers and find ways of cutting the amount of waste that comes into you as well as out.

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