Making wood flooring work in small spaces

If you have recently moved into a new property and are wondering how to make the place feel more like home, you may look at all the space that you have available to you. There are a number of things that can help make a room larger than it actually is. But before you embark on a refit you will want to move all of your furniture out of the rooms and contact a Carmarthen skip hire company such as to have your old carpet or flooring disposed of in the right way.

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Here are some tips on making wood flooring work in small spaces.

Light colours reflect natural light, giving the illusion of space, and there is a wide variety of light-coloured wood flooring available. White-washed or grey are trending this year; light oak is very popular as is white limed oak. The look and colour of the flooring that you choose will also depend very much on the colours that you are choosing to decorate your walls and the colour and design of the large items of furniture that you have situated in each of the rooms.


Don’t go mad with busy patterns: keep your floor choice simple and don’t attract the eye down to the floor. Don’t choose flooring which displays a wide range of colouration from plank to plank, as this will make the floor look too busy and make the room a little claustrophobic. Creating a sleek look also helps to establish a natural feel of organisation and clutter free areas. It will also make it easier to clean the floor if you are able to easily identify any areas that have dirt and grime on them. This can be harder if you have planks that differ dramatically in shade and tone, throughout the flooring area.

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Surprisingly, wider planks will make your room seem more spacious as they have fewer seams and therefore fewer lines. Another tip for creating the illusion of space is to use long wide plank flooring, placing the planks parallel to the longest wall of the room, thus expanding the space visually. Absurdly, it also works by doing the opposite – by using shorter boards it makes you think the room is longer.


Keep as much of the floor as possible visible and not covered with furniture and rugs. This will make the room look much bigger. Buy sofas and chairs that have feet and are not right down to the ground. This allows light into the room, creating the feeling of space. Use mirrors and glass tables, as this will also reflect more light.

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