A Strange sight on Mon Cala

Fans of the Disney plus show the Mandalorian were arrested by a strange sight on the Homeworld of the Mon Calamari. Seeking out a job the Mandalorian promises to transport a Mon Calamari female to the home world of Mon Cala to protect her eggs. Unsurprisingly the plant has very little land and lots and lots of water. The Mon Calamari are like large shrimps. They are best known for the great Rebel Leader Admiral Ackbar who says the immortal line in Return of the Jedi “It’s a trap”.

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As the Mandalorian lands his ship to escort his charges he is watched by a series of Mon Calamari Fishermen. To the great surprise of many one of them is openly wearing a set of Aran Sweaters. Obviously he had been to Shamrock Gift to pick out a great one. This is much less of a surprise as they have a fantastic range to choose from whatever part of the universe you come from.

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The appearance of this cult clothing in a rapidly becoming classic bit of cult television has been a great shot in the arm for the clothing line. It’s began to be elevated to a new level of cool. It’s probably best not to speculate as to where the Mon Calamari sailor got it from. It’s unlikely he was talking to the Guresney island folk who first showed the Irish people on Aran how to knit one. Maybe he had a holiday on the Country’s west coast?

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