Pub and nightclub facts that will amaze you

Pubs and nightclubs are popular places to spend time with family and friends. Did you know there are some amazing facts about alcohol and the places we go to drink?

There is a bar in Minneapolis which has been prepared for a zombie attack. This theme is carried throughout the bar. You can find a chainsaw behind glass, ready to be used in case the undead attack people enjoying a drink. The bartenders are dressed as characters from Shaun of the Dead, so if you love all things zombie-like then you should visit this place in the Minneapolis area. To invest in a theme for your pub, consider Finance For Pubs from

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The history of toasting is fascinating. We toast when we drink to celebrate a special event, such as a wedding or christening. We also toast when celebrating an anniversary, big birthday, or other important events. In some places, it has become almost a custom. But toasting is a practice that has a darker and longer history. In the past, when royal families and those in line for large sums or land were involved in plots to get rid of the incumbents there was often poisoning. This usually happens during a big meal when the person was easily mistaken as having had a bit too much to drink. To test if your drink is safe to consume, toasting was done. The other person will not drink their drink knowing that some poison has been absorbed into their glass.

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Around the world, the average age of alcohol consumption is around 18-19 years old. However, the United States has the highest legal drinking limit at 21. Of course, there are countries that have no legal drinking age while others prohibit alcohol consumption altogether.

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