How to be humble and confident?

How to be humble and confident

Humility is a virtue that can drastically improve your life, your relationships and give you a sense of freedom from competition and expectations. It is the virtue that leads to the awareness of one’s identity. One’s limitations and one’s strength allow one to enter into a true relationship with others. The limits are intended as boundaries, beyond which there is no God and neighbor, while the force to be understood as the different gifts and charisms through which get the service of others and God’s plan. To be humble is unconsciously to love one’s neighbor as a life, sentimental, work and social experience without any distinction or disparity.

In short, humility is the virtue by which man recognizes his limits, avoiding any form of pride, arrogance, oppression by loving and respecting life. Let’s see how to be humble and confident.

How to be humble and confident?

How to be humble and confident

We have 2 ears to listen and 1 mouth to speak: so we learn to really listen to other people when they speak, giving them the right space and the right importance. Free yourself from prejudice and listen to new points of view and the needs of those around you. Remember: the best opportunities always arise from needs.

If you are successful, you must be grateful, but remember that it is momentary. To keep it, your commitment will have to be constant. The greatest success in our life, I think, is control over ourselves. Once this is achieved, we can achieve any goal we set ourselves.
Learn to meditate. Be aware of the present. It is here and now that we are living. This is where you can act to take your life in hand, be happy and work on your goals.

You’re not perfect, but that’s okay! Let us free ourselves from the concept of perfection. It does not exist. We are imperfect, we make mistakes, we fail, but this is our great gift. We always have the opportunity to stand up stronger, wiser, and more motivated to improve ourselves more every day. Overcoming our limits!

Refrain from judging yourself and especially others

Prejudice is a huge barrier that we need to eradicate from our minds. Think of the children. They are completely devoid of it. It is the teachings and society that root them in their growth. Recognize when you are wrong. Do not be arrogant, as you know each of us can make mistakes, learn to accept and appreciate the constructive criticisms when they are given to you. They will help you to grow a lot!


Free yourself from negative feelings such as hatred and resentment. Hate leads only to other hatred. The only means we have to interrupt this terrible cycle is by resorting to love! Furthermore, if prolonged, anger has an effect similar to poison on our organism, consumes it and devours it internally!

Be happy with the success and qualities of others! Believe in them, support them and also rejoice with them when they get the desired results! Elevate your spirit by letting go of feelings like envy and jealousy. But do not forget to be happy and grateful, celebrating even your success!

Unity is strength. Learn not to foment the ego, asking for help. You, too, can take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you by helping others. Follow your heart and act in Love. Your success is a responsibility that is offered to you to do and to give more to others!

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