How to Clean Fabric Sofa Naturally? 5 Tips

how to clean fabric sofa naturally

Non-removable fabric sofas are difficult to clean furnishing components. This is because it is very difficult to treat the tissues, without removing them from the base. However, there are various methods of doing the work and they are all valid and effective. The latter include choosing the right products and the various steps to follow. In the following list I indicate 5 tips on how to clean the fabric sofa naturally.

How to clean fabric sofa naturally?


One of the fundamental tips to best clean your non-removable sofa is to dust it. Begin to remove all the cushions, both from the seat and from the sides, placing them on a surface. If your sofa has a removable backrest, move it and remove the dust with the vacuum cleaner. Pass the appliance over all the internal parts and in the coves of the sofa. After that, sprinkle baking soda on all the cushions and wait an hour. After the time, suck up all the dust. Continue reading: How to clean suede couch

how to clean fabric sofa naturally


Cleansing the sofa is a very important step. But before starting, decide which product to use. Obviously this must be taken based on the fabric. Checking the recommendations placed on the label by the sofa manufacturer. If the sofa is made of heavy fabric, you can use mild Marseille soap, preferring a degreaser that does not produce foam. Instead, if you want to use natural products, prepare a mixture with white vinegar and mix it with a few drops of lavender essential oil. This way you will keep the mites away and the sofa will give off a pleasant scent.

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To clean

At this point, you have to clean the sofa. Take a bowl and pour the product you have chosen to use. Add half a liter of water and mix. Dip a clean sponge and pass the solution over the entire sofa, including cushions and armrests. Another tip is to never use steamboats to clean the sofa.

Remove the stain

Cleaning the sofa becomes even more complicated when there are stains. But there are solutions to remove it. One of the most effective tips is to pour a Marseille soap degreaser directly onto the stain. Wait thirty minutes and then remove the product with a damp cloth. Or use a dry shampoo. Obviously, when removing, be careful not to ruin the shape of the fabric.

To dry

To conclude another tip, it is to always dry the sofa well. The latter must be completely dry, thus avoiding the proliferation of mold. So once you are done cleaning the sofa, wipe it dry with a dry cloth. If damp corners remain, turn the hairdryer on and run it over the critical points.

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