What to know about fire doors?

Fire doors play a really big role in the prevention of the spread of fire in homes and other buildings. But how do they work? And what are the legal requirements? We answer these, and other questions, with regard to fire doors.
Why do I need fire doors?

Fire doors are an extra safety step that can help prevent the spread of fire. If you want your home or workplace to be better protected from the risk of fires, then you should consider fire doors.

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How do fire doors work?

These doors work by preventing the spread of fire for up to one hour. One of the things that makes fire doors so protective, is that they automatically close. They’re also fitted with special intumescent strips which expand in heat, helping prevent smoke from getting through the gaps.

Do I need fire doors by law?

In workplaces, yes, all new doors need to be fire doors. In multiple occupancy flats, such as residential homes or halls of residence, it is also a legal requirement to have fire doors. Some domestic buildings are also required by law to have fire doors, including those that are built across three or more floors. Furthermore, an internal door that leads to a garage must also be a fire door.

However, the other doors in your home do not need to be fire doors, including doors that open to the garden. This means you can choose from a wide variety of French, patio, and bifold doors in Cirencester.

Can I paint my fire doors?

Yes, you can paint fire doors in any colour or shade you wish, being careful not to paint over any hinges, seals, or hardware. But you probably won’t need to, as fire doors come in all sorts of finishes and colours. Just like the choice of bifold doors Cirencester, you’ll also be able to find something that suits your home perfectly.

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If you still have questions, or you’re just not quite sure what you need, get in touch with your local door specialist today.

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