Songs to listen to when you’re cleaning

Most of us would rather do anything but cleaning. We dread the chores and tasks associated with cleaning. However, some love it and it gives them a real buzz. Perhaps they do it for a living and it gives them huge job satisfaction. Whatever your feelings about cleaning, here are some songs to get you in the mood – whether you’re getting the dusters out yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you!

Coming Clean – Green Day

The phrase ‘coming clean’ usually applies to owning up to something and cleansing yourself of the guilt of having done something wrong. However, we get the same feeling when a cleaning job we’ve been putting off for so long is finally accomplished. A great weight is lifted and we feel content with a good job done.

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Good Clean Fun – Allman Brothers Band

Whatever you’re doing, doing it in a clean and hygienic environment is much more fun than doing it somewhere that’s grubby! Make sure you can work and play in places that have been looked after – or at least had a vacuum cleaner put round once a week!

Clean Machine – The Presidents of the United States of America

Thankfully, cleaning is a lot easier than it was years ago. Now we have robot vacuum cleaners, anti-allergy cleaners, hand-held vacuums, steam cleaners, super mops and a whole host of other gadgets and machines to help us to keep our living and working environments spotless and pleasant.

Clean Your Own Tables – Johnny Cash

To keep offices sanitary and pleasant to work in, staff should be encouraged to take care of their individual workspaces and at least keep it tidy and give it a wipe down every day. Items that often get overlooked in offices include phones, headsets, keyboards and screens. For more information on the benefits of Office Cleaning Cheltenham, visit a site like

Give Us Clean Hands – Kutless

Ever used a public or office toilet and there’s no soap? It’s grim, right? If you are responsible for supplying an office or other public facility with hygiene products, make sure you never run out if you don’t want a building full of people with dirty hands!

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Clean Up For Christmas – Aimee Mann

Hopefully, you’ll be cleaning more than just once a year! However, the festive season is a great time to focus on extra cleaning as it is also the season for coughs, colds and flu. By ensuring that regular sanitising happens regularly during winter, you can reduce the chances of having something unpleasant being spread around.

Little Too Clean – Soul Asylum

Is there such a thing as too clean? Regular schedules of wiping, dusting, vacuuming and tidying can do no harm and helps to promote a feeling of pride in your surroundings. This is especially important for areas where many people congregate, such as in the workplace. Employees will thank you for a safe and clean space which contributes to staff satisfaction and productivity.

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