Decorative Garden Lamp Post to Light Up the Ourdoors

decorative garden lamp post

A decorative garden lamp post is an essential element of the exterior of the house. The entrance, pool area, gazebo, roads … Any area should be well lighted. It is important, both for security reasons and for aesthetic reasons. Although you have many models at your fingertips, let’s focus on the streetlights. In addition, there are them in different styles. Anyway, remember that you also have light bulbs, sconces, flashlights or torches, for example.

Classic decorative garden lamp post

classic decorative garden lamp post

If you are looking for a foot model, the lantern of a lifetime does not fail. However, there are reviews of traditional lanterns like this that are outstanding.

Another of the conservative cutting possibilities, but at medium height. The advantage of this example is that it is a solar lamp and does not waste electricity.

The round lamps are also attractive. Both the applet and the short version are great. However, the pole with three bulbs is really impressive.

These lanterns are perfect for lighting up the garden. You have it in black steel or in a bronze finish. They have a design that never fails.

This street lamp in an appliqué version is reminiscent of an old lamp. Without a doubt, it is the most vintage suggestion of all those collected here.

Modern decorative garden lamp post

Modern decorative garden lamp post

Designer Ross Lovegrove is the creator of the Pod lens lamp, a design inspired by flower buds. In addition, the green body makes it pass through a plant.

This Vibia example has a clear domestic inspiration. Remember the typical lampshades that adorn the lamps that we have inside the house.

This unique arch comes from the same brand. It really would fit very well in an outdoor dining room. If the table is large, you will need two.

A simple but effective garden light recommendation. They are just steel lines. This minimalist lamp from Manutti.
The model Muse of Cortadi has Japanese roots. Its screen looks like an oriental paper lantern, while its curved foot gives it dynamism.

Did you like these decorative garden lamp posts? Do any of these models fit in your outdoor space? If you already have night lighting, protect yourself from the sun with one of these garden umbrellas.

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