Paula Abdul Lifestyle, Career and Net Worth

Paula Abdul net worth

Paula Abdul is an American singer and dancer. She was born in San Fernando, California, United States. It comes from a Jewish community and most of her childhood living in Brazil. From an early age, she took dance classes. She graduated in 1980 at Van Nuys High School. Her experience as a dancer allowed her to be a Lakers cheerleader. Her successes came in 1988 and 1991 with Forever your girl and Spellbound, respectively.

Earlier life of Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul was born on June 19, 1962. She moved to the United States, released some singles, such as: Straight up, Forever your girl, Coldhearted, Opposites attract, Rush rush and The promise of a new day. In the year of 1995, she published Head over heels, but she was not very successful. On the contrary, if you had it with Greatest Hits: Straight Up! During her career as a singer, she continued dancing for other artists, such as Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson. Let’s know the Lil tay age

She is the daughter of Harry Abdul, born in the Jewish community in Aleppo, Syria, raised in Brazil, and subsequently emigrated to the United States, and from pianist Lorena M. Rykiss, Canadian with Jewish roots and ancestors from Ukraine. She has a sister named Wendy, who is seven years older than her. She started taking dance classes at an early age. She attended Van Nuys High School, where she graduated in 1980. Before turning to music were Laker girls and one of the most important choreographers in Hollywood.

Paula Abdul net worth


She was chosen to be a jury of the American television program American Idol, which was until 2009. Later, she was part of the Live to Dance contest (2011), was next to Kimberly Wyatt, Osher G├╝nsberg, Kate Thornton and Travis Payne. In the first season of The X Factor was sworn. The following year she was in the All-Stars edition of Dancing with the Stars, and then she was in the tenth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

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He achieved success with her records “Forever your girl “(1988) and” Spellbound “(1991). In the United States, she reached the top of the charts with songs such as” Straight up, “Forever your girl, “Coldhearted, “Opposites attract, “Rush Rush, “and” The promise of a new day. “

He recorded her third album” Head over heels “(1995), which did not reach the height of her other works. Her second greatest hits album” Greatest Hits: Straight Up! “It went on sale on May 8, 2007. It also performs choreographies for other artists’ video clips, like Janet Jackson, Duran last, George Michael, Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson.

In 2002 Paula was part of the jury of the American television program American Idol, where she will remain until 2009. She acted in the short-lived television series Live to Dance in 2011 and was the judge in the first season of the US version of The X Factor. She was also a guest judge in the All-Stars edition of Dancing with the Stars in 2012, and in the tenth season of So, You Think You Can Dance in 2013.

He divorced actor Emilio Estevez; they were married from 1992 to 1994. In 1996 she married fashion designer Brad Beckerman at the Carousel Museum in New England in Bristol, Connecticut. They divorced in 1998, citing irreconcilable differences.

In mid-July 2007, she announced that she had started dating JT Torregiani, a restaurant owner and 12 years younger than her. They separated in June 2008.

Personal life

He married Emilio Estevez, but in 1994 they divorced. Then, she was with Brad Beckerman, a fashion designer. The relationship didn’t work either. In 2007, she began a relationship with JT Torregiani, 12 years younger than her. But the relationship did not last long.

Net worth

Paula Abdul’s net worth is about 30 million US dollars. Her main income source is acting, singing, choreographing and producing films. She earned more as a cheerleader of LA lakers.

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