Common tumble drying mistakes that cost you money

With energy bills soaring, many of us are looking for ways of saving money on our daily household chores. Some people have decided against using their tumble dryer, instead relying on airers for drying their clothes indoors, but this can create dampness in the environment which is bad for human health and can be more costly to repair than the cost of running the dryer.

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Instead, it is often better to ensure that you are operating your dryer as efficiently as possible.

1. Empty filters and the water reservoir

Your tumble dryer works most effectively when the filters and, on a condenser dryer, the reservoir, are emptied after every use. This not only ensures that it is working at its most efficient, but also reduces the fire risk associated with using the appliance

2. Don’t overload the machine

Overloading your machine can damage its drum or cause it to overheat, but it will also stop it from working efficiently. When the clothes inside cannot spread out and get sufficient airflow, the machine has to work harder to dry them. This negatively affects its energy efficiency. Dry heavy duvet covers separately from pillowcases and sheets for best effect.

3. Where possible, separate loads

Nylons and cottons have different drying requirements, so separating them after washing is an easy way of tailoring the dryer setting to suit them. Some items also should not go in the dryer at all, so taking the time to separate your load after washing will preserve those items whilst also offering the opportunity to shake out clothes and separate them so that they will dry more quickly in the dryer.

4. Upgrade your machine

Choosing a more energy efficient tumble dryer is an investment, but for a busy home that does a lot of washing every week, choosing to swap old and inefficient machines for larger capacity integrated tumble dryers with better energy efficiency ratings will save money in the longer term. For tailored advice as to which tumble dryer will best suit your circumstances, speak to a specialist home electricals supplier, such as

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Drying clothes outdoors is ideal in summer, but where this is not possible, either due to a lack of space or inclement weather, taking these steps will ensure that you are running your tumble dryer as economically as possible.

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