What Is Vehicle Fleet Management?

Vehicle Fleet management, like that offered by companies like MPH Vehicle Solutions is a branch of management that concentrates on the efficient management and coordination of resources in relation to the flow of resources such as fuel, drivers, space and logistic support for vehicles. This involves planning, organising and controlling the whole process from first contact with customers, through the delivery and repair of vehicles to re-selling of vehicles, to the storage or disposition of vehicle fleets.

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Fleet management also involves activities such as scheduling, billing and payment of drivers, ensuring safe driving, maintaining inventory and procuring drivers and vehicles for use in various projects.

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Trucking companies can benefit greatly from a vehicle fleet management system that takes into account several factors that affect the efficiency and productivity of their fleet. It can help trucking companies determine the most cost-effective routes, determine peak traffic periods, find cost-effective routes for pickup/delivery and find ways to avoid overloads and breakdowns. It also helps them in deciding the right mix of drivers for different types of vehicles and in maintaining the working condition of vehicles and in carrying out repairs, servicing and maintenance. It helps trucking companies by assuring prompt delivery of vehicles and ensures smoother operations by improving communication between drivers and management, fleet management software and supply chain programs.


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